Thursday, 19 January 2012

Toomer For Tennis

While helping out on a my son's school trip around Southampton last Summer, the guide told the kids that they should always look up at buildings, rather than just look at what's on the eye line (which is what we all usually do).

So do look up, because you might miss something. Like this for instance. It is above a letting agents shop in London Road, on the corner of Waterloo Terrace.

I have done as much research as I can on this, and all I have found so far is that Toomers was a very popular sports in Southampton. And that's as far as I know.

If anyone could shed some light on this for me, I would be very grateful.

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  1. Lee, I can remember as a school child in late 60's & early 70's going to Toomers for school football kit etc. Wasn't particularly big, but by todays standards ( eg JJB etc ) it would have been minute.
    If I remember correctly upstairs was also used for display / storage.